• Migrate your Codemasters Account to the Turbine Global Service to continue playing LOTRO
  • Keep all of your characters, kinships, friends, pre-paid subscription time and turbine points
  • Take advantage of special limited time VIP subscription offers!
  • Experience the new instances and skirmishes!

Starting May 31st the LOTRO European servers will temporarily go down for service migration. After a short period (2-3 days) service will be restored and you can begin playing your existing characters once again. Begin your account migration before the worlds come up by visiting http://transfer.lotro.com and following the easy instructions. After May 31st you will no longer be able to play LOTRO in Europe until this process is complete.

See http://transfer.lotro.com and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news on the migration and downtime.

Welcome to Turbine! We look forward to seeing you in Middle-earth soon!